Pastoral Overview

This portfolio looks after the soul of the school and encompasses care, discipline, school spirit and leadership.
We endeavour to produce well-rounded citizens who will be an asset to any workplace, by teaching the importance of boundaries by applying the code of conduct fairly and consistently.
Social problems are addressed head-on by teaching life skills and developing a social conscience on all platforms available to us.
We expect our children to wear their uniform with pride inside and outside the school and endeavour to develop them into good ambassadors of our brand.
We offer many leadership opportunities from grade 8 to 12 and have two leadership camps a year of which one is for all grades as well as a leadership seminar for all grade 11s. The focus is, however, that learners can become leaders in their sphere of influence.
The school has a unique concept with School Council whereby we create a voice for the learners. Learners serve on middle management committees and once e term all these committees meet where we have learner presentations on proposals of changes they would like to see. The council consists of more learners than teachers with all having an equal vote once a matter has been discussed and finalised.
Our school is about creating an environment which is driven by the spirit of care which is supplemented by professional counselling.
We embrace diversity and fight prejudice on all levels.
Our actions are directed by a battery of policies that have been approved by our SGB which you can view in our Pastoral Policies section.