The Settlers High Schools sets high standards and learners are expected to meet the positive expectations of our contingent of committed, experienced and vibrant educators.


The new curriculum requires that there is continuous work done in all subjects.

General Assessment Information:

  • No cell phones or any other electronic devices (including smart watches) may be on a learners’ person in an exam venue.
  • No communication may take place between learners during an exam or study session.
  • Study sessions are only to be used for revision purposes. Learners may not play cards, listen to music, read comics, etc., during a study session.
  • Learners are responsible for the cleanliness of their exam venue and the area around it, ensuring that there is no litter and absolutely no graffiti.
  • Any irregularity (cheating, talking, electronic device on person, and so forth) will be reported to the School Assessment Irregularity Committee (SAIC).  Parents are expected to attend the SAIC meeting at which a relevant sanction will be recommended.  A representative of the WCED will attend all Grade 12 SAIC meetings.

GET: (General Education and Training) Learning areas : Grade 8 & 9

  1. Language :   English Home Language
    Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Natural Science
  4. Social Science : 
  5. Economic and Management Sciences
  6. Creative Arts: Dance and
    1.  Art
    2.  Drama 
    3.  General
    4.  Music
  7. Technology
  8. Life Orientation:  
    1. Guidance
    2. Physical Education
    3. Grade Head Lessons and Counselling

FET: (Further Education and Training) Learning areas : Grade 10 to 12

Each student must take a total of 7 subjects.

  1. English Home Language
  2. Afrikaans 1st Additional Language
  3. Life Orientation
  4. Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy

    Elective Subjects (3 Subjects, 1 from each section) 

  5. Physical Sciences / Economics / Dramatic Arts*/ Life Sciences / Information Technology*
  6. Physical Sciences / Life Sciences / Geography / Consumer Studies* /  Music
  7. Accounting / History / Visual Arts / Economics / Geography

Additional subjects may be taken in consultation with the school but as they do not form part of the subjects offered, remain the parents responsibility for ensuring all necessary compliance.

* These subjects have space limitations and all requests may not be accommodated.

Academic Overview


Our learners are encouraged to reach their full academic potential and we value the recognition of good work. Academic prowess in acknowledged quarterly through the much- anticipated announcement of the Top Ten Academics in each grade. Excellence is honoured at our annual Junior and Senior Prize Giving Events. 

School Times: 

School begins at 7:50 and ends at 14:45 except on Mondays when lessons end14:15 to allow for learners to attend their society meetings. The time table stretches across a two-week cycle, periods are approximately 40 minutes long and there are two breaks in a day. 


Learners are required to complete all homework activities and should consolidate the work done each day in preparation for the next lesson. An official homework diary, which is issued to each pupil, must be used.