General Exam Info

  1. A doctor’s certificate is required for days absent whether it is an exam or a study day.
  2. Parents are to contact the school before 08:30 if the pupil is absent.
  3. The school uniform rules apply during the exam period. No blankets, beanies, etc., will be allowed.
  4. Pupils are to use the school regulation bag during the exam period.
  5. Sports’ practices continue during the exam period.
  6. Pupils are to have all the necessary equipment needed for a particular exam. No borrowing will be allowed.
  7.  Pupils may not have any notes or material that could be of assistance to them on their person during an exam session.
  8. No cell phones may be on a pupils’ person in an exam venue.
  9. No communication may take place between pupils during an exam or study session.
  10. Study sessions are only to be used for revision purposes. Pupils may not play cards, listen to music, read comics, etc., during a study session.
  11. No MP3 players, I-pods or any ‘social’ electronic equipment may be brought to school during the exam period. These items will be confiscated if found.
  12. Pupils are responsible for the cleanliness of their exam venue and the area around it, ensuring that there is no litter and absolutely no graffiti.